How to install a font?

Fontist checks whether this font is already installed, and if not, then installs the font and returns its installed paths.

The font name is the only argument to be supplied.

$ fontist install "segoe ui"
These fonts are found or installed:
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/SEGOEUI.TTF
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/SEGOEUIB.TTF
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/SEGOEUII.TTF
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/SEGOEUIZ.TTF

If the font’s formula requires license acceptable, then it will be asked.

Do you accept all presented font licenses, and want Fontist to download these fonts for you? => TYPE 'Yes' or 'No':

It can be accepted either by typing 'yes', or by the -a, --accept-all-licenses option.

How to install a whole formula?

To install all fonts specified in a Fontist formula, use the -F, --formula option.

$ fontist install --formula 'courier_prime'
Downloading font ...
Installing font "courier_prime".
Fonts installed at:
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/Courier Prime Bold Italic.ttf
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/Courier Prime Bold.ttf
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/Courier Prime Italic.ttf
- /Users/user/.fontist/fonts/Courier Prime.ttf

Here, courier_prime is the filename of the formula located at the public Fontist Formula repository (courier_prime.yml).

Specifying the font’s filename is not supported.

Way of searching for a formula

If there are several formulas with a requested font, then fontist searches for the newest version of the font among formulas with size below a limit (300 MB). This behavior can be changed with options.

If styles of a font are spread among several formulas, then all available formulas would be installed.

Supported options

-f, [--force]

Install even if already installed in system

-F, [--formula]

Install whole formula instead of a font

-a, [--accept-all-licenses]

Accept all license agreements

-h, [--hide-licenses]

Hide license texts

-p, [--no-progress]

Hide download progress

-V, [--version=VERSION]

Install particular version of a font

-s, [--smallest]

Install the smallest font by file size if several

-n, [--newest]

Install the newest version of a font if several

-S, [--size-limit=N]

Specify upper limit for file size of a formula to be installed (default is 300 MB)

-u, [--update-fontconfig]

Update Fontconfig

The install command is similar to the Font.install library call.

How to uninstall fonts?

To uninstall any font installed by Fontist:

$ fontist uninstall "segoe ui"
These fonts are removed:

Returns paths of an uninstalled font, or prints an error telling that the font isn’t installed or could not be found in Fontist formulas. Aliased as remove.