How to install a bundle of fonts at once?

Several fonts can be specified in a file, called "manifest", and installed together.

First, prepare a file "manifest.yml":

Times New Roman:
Courier New:

Then run:

fontist manifest-install manifest.yml

This command would install or find all 3 fonts, and return its paths.

How to get paths of installed fonts?

Once you installed fonts via the manifest file, you can get their locations:

fontist manifest-locations manifest.yml

The output is in the YAML format:

Times New Roman:
  Bold Italic:
    full_name: Times New Roman Bold Italic
    - "/System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental/Times New Roman Bold Italic.ttf"
    - "/Users/user/.fontist/fonts/timesbi.ttf"
    full_name: Times New Roman Italic
    - "/System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental/Times New Roman Italic.ttf"
    - "/Users/user/.fontist/fonts/timesi.ttf"

If one or some of requested fonts are missing, the "3" error code would be returned, and a message printed:

$ fontist manifest-locations manifest.yml
'Roboto Mono' 'Regular' font is missing, please run `fontist install 'Roboto Mono'` to download the font.
$ echo $?