Private repos

Private repos

There is an ability to use private fonts via private fontist repo. Fontist repo is a git repo which contains YAML formula files. Formulas can be created manually (see examples), or auto-generated from an archive.

A repo can be either HTTPS or SSH Git repo. In case of SSH, a corresponding SSH key should be setup with ssh-agent in order to access this private repo.

The repo setup command fetches a repo’s formulas, and saves repo’s name and url for later use.

Internally all repos are stored at ~/.fontist/formulas/Formulas/private.

$ fontist repo setup NAME URL
fontist repo setup acme
# or
fontist repo setup acme

Then you can just install fonts from this repo:

fontist install "private font"

There is no need in any additional command to be run, but if you add new formulas to your repo, you can fetch them with the repo update command:

fontist repo update acme

If there is a need to avoid using private formulas, the repo can be removed with:

fontist repo remove acme

Private formulas

Authorization of private archives in private formulas can be implemented with headers. Here is an example which works with Github releases:

    - url:
        Accept: application/octet-stream
        Authorization: token ghp_1234567890abcdefghi

A token can be obtained on this page. It should have at least the repo scope.